1st government safari park of bangladesh Conservation – Bangabandu Dulahazra Safari Park


Safar Park is able to educate the public and inform about important biodiversity issues & provide protection for endangered species that are no longer present in the wild, free from the pressures of habitat loss, starvation and predators.  As well as this, the safari park supports breeding program for the Royal Bengal tiger, crocodiles, black bear, Sambar, hog deer , Barking deer and Indian peafowl.

A Safari Park encourages respect towards wildlife and their habitats. Safar Park focuses on simply increasing understanding of animals, which is the first step to caring about animals, species and their habitats. This is achieved by general informational signs at all of the exhibits, explaining where the animal is from, stating its classification, and giving a description of the species. Keeper talks gave general information about animal husbandry, such as what the animal eats, how the keepers care for it, its behavior, gestation periods, general anatomy/physiology, etc. It also attempts to dispel myths and stereotypes about animals. It also aims to decrease fear towards animals that are traditionally perceived as scary or ugly and make visitors more comfortable with them.